"At the End of Emptiness..."

The Exhibition

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Lizette Abraham is a conceptual artist whose work explores the received wisdom of her culture, its technology and the freedom and limitation it affords the artist who interprets them. Her images are simultaneously self-portraits serving, she says, as a "way of finding the person who lives inside me and whose strange voice shouts and pushes at the walls of my pent-up thoughts". These portraits, which are in turn amusing and sad, serve, then, to canalize and clarify the pain and pleasure of the artist in search of self.

Lizette will tell you that by training and preference she is a performance artist, because this medium allows her to capture "an image of my shouts, what I am drowning in, frustrated by, what I hate and love, what ties me down or up, suffocates me, all those thoughts and ideas that I can't control in my head". She has, nonetheless, managed through adept use of colour, form and movement to trap those performances on paper, not an easy task to undertake, but one she has accomplished with considerable skill.

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The title of the exhibition, "At the End of Emptiness" begs the question "What is left" to which Lizette replies that "at the end of the emptiness what is left is my imagination". And it is a fertile one.

About the artist

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Lizette's work — both performance and photography — has been exhibited widely in Yucatán and she has been invited to present her photographs in a group show in Cuba. She has an undergraduate degree in Communication from the Institute for Social Sciences, Mérida (Icsmac) and is currently completing a Master's degree in design at the Escuela Modelo in M[erida . Lizette is currently department head for Media and Communication at the Macay museum of Contemporary Art in Mérida, Yucatan.

The title of this exhibition, "At the End of Emptiness..." begs the question "What remains. The answer, says Lisette, is her imagination.