Carlos Carbajo Ledesma

16 October 2008 - 16 January 2009

Carlos Carbajo Ledesma

For Carlos Carbajo Ledesma painting is self-actualization, a process that lends coherence to his life. His work is an extension of his soul, a place where he can channel his emotions, play out his conflicts, confront the rational and irrational nature of his universe. It is a tangible footprint, proof of his existence. Art, for Carlos, is mind and heart made manifest.

Presencias 1 ThumbPresencias 1

"Presencias" is a celebration of 10 years of painting by this talented artist. Using mixed media - mineral pigments,water based industrial undercoating, wax, resin - the artist builds layer upon lambent layer. The tonalities are subtle: ochre, dusky rose, pa blue, creamy yellows. On these surfaces the artist uses an awl to perform what he thinks of as an exorcism, deeply scoring the surface down to the first base which is painted black and enhances the lucent quality that pervades his work. The resultant shapes suggest, but defy, classification: a circle becomes a misshapen egg, or turns itself into a vessel; a line drips black blood, staining the surface, cross hatchings suggest railway ties or crosses or fences. These forms provoke our imagination and take on a metaphorical weight. The deeply etched lines are wounds, the red, blood, the crosses burdens, a reflection of a tumultuous period in his life.

About the Artist:

Born in Querétaro en 1977, Carlos studied both photography and painting at the Universidad autónoma de Querétero where he earned a degree in Fine Arts. He moved to Mérida 3 years ago and currently teaches at CUM (Centro Universitario Montejo) as well as the Universidad Pátria.

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In 2001 Otto participated in 3 workshops at the university's Faculty of Arquitecture; these included nineteenth century techniques, advanced darkroom techniques, and digital photography. In 2003 while in Washington, D.C. he participated in "Pixels to Print" a course under the direction of the photographer, Stephen R. Brown. Recent studies include a course sponsored by Epson in digital printing under the direction of Vincent Versace. Otto's work - from black and white to digital colour images - is exhibited throughout Mexico.

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Carlos has participated in some 30 group shows throughout Mexico. In 2004 Merida's Peon Contreras Gallery presented his series, "Fracturas", a one-man show. His paintings have also been exhibited in Paris, at Galerie Baudoin Contreras (2006) and he has been invited to present his work in Vancouver, Canada.

Carlos' work has been recognized at both the state and national level: in 1996 he was awarded first place in paining by the state of Querétaro. and in 2000 an Honorable Mention in Photography. In 2002 he received two Honorable Mentions in painting. Exotimex appointed Carlos Artist in Residence in hacienda San José in the municipality of Baca in 2005. It was that appointment that brought him to Yucatán.