“Buscando los pedazos de mi ser”

Buscando los pedazos de mí ser…
Me aventuro en esta búsqueda al encuentro…
Traspaso algunos límites y entro en otros,
Poso la mira en el posible equilibrio entre ambos.
Desde allí se establece un diálogo…
Que invita también al espectador, que guste, imbuirse en este viaje.
Entonces la historia no termina, la historia sigue
no tiene fronteras.
Tramando, cosiendo, tejiendo.

Maria Elena Alisio – Visual Artist

December 2015

In Merida’s Galería In lak’ech , Argentinian artist, Maria Elena Alisio shares with us “Looking for Pieces of my Soul”, a mixed media exhibition comprising 25 pictures. These elegant abstract images, which measure 40 by 31 cms, are sure in composition and lively in their movement. She paints them on photographic paper which she surmounts on canvas by stitching them, thus expanding the image and uniting the inner and outer space they occupy. Although the colours are generally subtle, and low key, some feature bold primaries, and María explains that she makes the dyes herself using vegetable matter.

The pieces are untitled, a decision María made in order to let the observer discover them by immersing himself in line and colour.

María, who is an autodidact and producer of art for more than three decades, has only decided to show her work in public in the last few years and it has been well received in Argentina, her home, in Mexico as well as in Europe, specifically in Spain, Germany and Italy.

The paintings will be on display in the gallery for two months.