Lo Común en lo no Común

Colectiva de noviembre

Carlos Carbajo ThumbCarlos Carbajo

Galeria In La'kech is pleased to announce the inauguration on November 20, 2007 of "Lo Común en lo no común", a group show featuring 20 artists - painters, photographers, sculptors - whose work is as diverse as their place of origin. They come from Yucatan, Distrito Federal, and Querétaro, as well as Canada, Austria and The United States. Thus the reference to the "no común", the uncommon. "Lo común", what they have in common, along with their art, of course, is their adopted home, Mérida.

David Crocker ThumbDavid Crocker

These artists also share their desire to help others. Each of them has offered to donate a minimum of 10% of any sale they make with the understanding that it will go towards making a happier Christmas for the children of the San Juan de Dios shelter in Conkal, a shelter which cares for yucatecos afflicted with AIDS.

Lilo Schrammel ThumbLilo Schrammel

The work which we have selected is small format to accommodate more artists and because it makes the art more accessible than a large piece might be. And because the gallery is non-profit, the artists are able to offer their work at a lower price than they might otherwise as well. Thus everyone benefits.

Our Artists:

Juan Ramon Chan - Luis Corral - Benjamin Ramirez - Miguel Angel Reyes - Uggo - Colleen Casey Leonard - Stefanie schikora - Otto Baurle - Carlos Carbajo Ledesma - Denis Bouchard - David Crocker - Humberto Suaste - Alberto Munoz - Armantina Garcia Peregrina - Barbara McClatchie - Luis Perez G. - Jesus Montejo Padilla - Lilo Schrammel - Humberto Suaste Blanco