Como un martillo de terciopelo en marzo

Torsos ThumbTorsos

Our current exhibition, "Como un martillo de terciopelo en marzo" ("Like a Velvet Hammer in March") comprises drawings and paintings of the human figure by three established Mexican artists, Manuel May Tilan, Juan Ramon Chan and Miguel Angel Reyes. All are graduates of the Esmeralda school of D.F. and all teach painting at the Faculty of Architecture in Merida (UADY, The Autonomous University of Yucatan), which is fortunate to count them amongst their faculty.

Hamaca 1 ThumbHamaca 1

"Torsos", the work of Maytilan, comprises two large format nudes in sombre tones executed in mixed media on paper. Monumental in conception as well as size, they are deeply affecting, and it is exciting to learn that thay are just the beginning of a series of 20 images that will illustrate his master's thesis - which he is currently completing - concerning proportions in the Yucatecan body.

Bailadora de Flamenco ThumbBailadora de Flamenco

"Hamacas" 1,2,3 and 4 are the work of Juan Ramon Chan. They are nude drawings abandoned after Hurricane Isadora nearly destroyed them in 1975 and recently reincarnated by Chan using mixed media. Of Chan, Roldan Peniche of Por Esto has said that he is "un pintor erotico por exelencia", and that "los cuatro desnudos de sus hamacas son suaves y sensuales." He adds that they "propician cierta atmósfera voluptuosa cuya carnalidad respira."

Of Miguel Angel Reyes' five diverse works, serigraphs, charcoal on paper, and mixed media, Peniche Barrera speaks of his "mano segura" y "facilidad de trazo" as well as his sense of humour and ability to refer to elements of folklore without falling into the trap of "folklorismo ramplon".