Emotional Epigraphs

an exhibition of paintings by Jorge Eduardo Patron LeDoux
February 4 - May 4

With "Emotional Epigraphs", emerging painter, Jorge Patron, 24, presents his first one-man exhibition. The 20 medium to large-format paintings are, for the most part, of acrylic on canvas; a number - primarily his earlier paintings - incorporate a variety of materials such as strips of wood and fabric in the style of collage.

While Jorge currently professes a preference for monochromatic renderings, employing a subtle range of grays, accented by touches of blue or mauve, on other occasions he has given himself over to saturated primaries, especially deep blues or reds made all the more vivid by their juxtaposition with blacks.

Like Pollock, whom he admires, he drips, smears and spatters his paint. He also incorporates scribblings and iconic forms. Of his work, Jorge says, "I am saying how I feel, what I think, that which it would be impossible for me to express with words. My painting cannot be deciphered; it is my deepest language" And it is certain that one feels the emotional intensity of his message, which intrigues the observer while remaining enigmatic. His compositions, which with each new painting have become increasingly complex, engage the observer, inviting him to enter into the work and linger there.

Jorge has been influenced by Yucatecan painters Fernando Garcia Ponce and Alberto Urzaiz. Internationally known painters such as Pollock, De Kooning as well as Cy Twomby are his inspiration. He has studied under abstract Yucatecan painters Jaime Barrera and Ariel Guzman.