Benjamin Ramirez - Abstract Artist

Multiformis ThumbMultiformis

Although abstract artist Benjamín Ramirez works in everything from ink on paper to acrylic on canvas, Ramirez, a doctor turned artist, confesses a distinct preference for large format abstract images in oil on canvas which he is presenting in Gallery In La'kech this fall. His preference, he explains, is owed to a love of the colors, textures and richness that oil allows. Indeed, critics in the United States, where his work has been well received talk of his "assertive" pallette, and suggest its origins can be traced to a childhood in Mexico.

Parsifal ThumbParsifal

Characacteristic as well of his work is an ample sense of space, movement and energy. The overlapping layers of color and marks invite the observer to explore and discover the veiled history of the painting; they leaves us thinking.

Amarillo ThumbAmarillo

Ramirez, who has lived many years in The United States, studied art at The Pensylvania Academy of Fine Arts of which he is a graduate. Subsequent studies took him to Assisi, Italy where he studied egg tempera technique and Florence, Italy where he honed his drawing skills.A native of Mexico (D.F.), Ramirez currently lives in Mérida, México.


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