The People's Utopia

December 07, 2013 – February 07, 2014

About Sanlly Viera Alarcón

An apt metaphor for this young painter whose pictorial proposal draws you swiftly into his work would be chronicler of our times.

In this, his latest undertaking, Sanlly offers us a world in which he is no stranger. The foreground comprises those whom he meets on his daily rounds: the street sweepers, bici-taxi drivers, town criers, and – a wonderfully picturesque phenomenon in this already beautiful and mysterious city - those aptly-named “almendrones”, the almond-shaped 50’s carcasses of cars that cruise the streets of La Habana.

For Sanlly Alarcón, all this is part of his creative life, something not left behind, but inextricable and thus given new life at the moment when he sets about painting.

Text from the periodical, Mas Viaje, (Ana Llerena Martín, periodista y crítica de arte, La Habana 2013) Translation from Spanish: bmca

Noche Blanca

In this, the second annual Noche Blanca, In La ke’ch is pleased to present the Cuban quartet “Songs de Cuba”

Sanlly Viera Sanlly about his work

In this series I hope to share my vision of my utopian city. I don’t intend you to take the title in its historical or even political sense; rather, in a more quotidian sense, as a title to a story whose protagonists throng the streets of La Habana: the street cleaners, merchants, taxi drivers, the people with whom I participate daily. I also focus on the intimate lives of people,their social networks, their homes, the unique style which has evolved in the sustained period of an American embargo.

Sanlly’s medium is acrylic on canvas. He says he finds it “best renders the vibrant quality of the streets.”